The 5280PA is an alliance of professionals and strategic partners, who share similar business philosophies, possess a high degree of ethical and professional standards, put their client’s best interests first and have a strong focus in helping the community and the non-profit sector. Members are committed to building long-term working relationships and friendships among themselves. Members commit to sharing best practices, challenges, and, when appropriate, making introductions to and on behalf of other Members to take advantage of business and philanthropic opportunities. The overall objective to create a “Netgiving” alliance that benefits the Members and their communities.

Netgiving – DEFINED

We endeavour to have values and beliefs which we live by and strive to achieve each and every day of lives. These values must be integrated into our work lives, home lives and social lives. In the final analysis it’s the respect and love for oneself and our families, our friends, our co-workers, our community, and the world at large.

Some of the key differentiators between Networking and Netgiving:

Networking is all about you. “What can I get out of this relationship?” About working hard to gather ,,as many contacts as possible and then use them for your own benefit.
Networking is about expecting others to work for you. “What can they do for me?”